Social Media – My Next Challenge                        Beyond Myself Book Cover by Author Anita Katherine Dennis

With a polished website, it was time to go online. That meant social media…my next challenge. Apparently for any book to be successful today, there must be an online presence. That meant I needed to learn how to have a Facebook author page and a Twitter account. The first thing I discovered was that I hate technology because I’m not good at it! I spent a month or so on training with only an hour with the trainer per week. The money was wasted because I couldn’t grasp it quickly enough.

I Need Help!

As the Lord led, I found a social media consultant through my book writer’s group, the Southwest Florida Writer’s Association. There, a bunch of eager first-time or successful writers get together to learn and encourage each other and most of all, network! At one of the meetings, I managed to get in front of the group, talk about my book, and read an excerpt from it. Writers’ Groups are a valuable resource especially for first-time writers.  It was a member of this group who led me to my social   media consultant.

Learning to Blog

Now it was time to learn to blog. My website manager taught me how to post blogs on WordPress. Once I got the hang of it, it was fun. The photos I took of Liberia were a godsend because they garnered interest. They were stored in my media library in my dashboard so I could use them to illustrate my blogs. My social media consultant also posted them on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Each day I checked Twitter and saw my followers grow. It was exciting and I assumed it would lead to book sales. I made contact with some people in Europe and that was heady. I began attracting Liberians in the U.S. to my book – one of my target audiences.

In conjunction with this, I began writing blogs. A lot of them were excerpts from my love story, Beyond Myself, and Slaves to Racism, about the effect of racism in Liberia, comparing it to racism in America. I arranged with my social media consultant that a blog would be published once a week. She then posted them on twitter and Facebook along with photos and my book trailer.

Facebook and Twitter

Each day I excitedly checked my Twitter account and Facebook author page. My website dashboard told me how many people visited my website andanita book signing what pages they clicked on. The next step was making my blogs SEO’d –  “search engine optimized.” I hired my website manager to do this for me. Soon there was online traffic….

As far as actual book sales, there was nothing to write home about…