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We Need to Protect & Nurture our Souls

“From One Christian to Another…”

I read a fascinating book recently called Soul Keeping, by John Ortberg. He says it’s very critical that we protect and nurture our souls. That certainly isn’t a common theme among today’s Christians, is it?  Like everybody else, we’ve gotten caught up in the rush of things. Ortberg says we need to slow down, connect with God, and meditate on Him each day to keep our bearings. It’s only then that we will be at peace and become effective Christians.

Our Soul is the Eternal Part of Us                                                          Gbandi Chief Kollie's First (and Last) Bush Plane Ride

There are many aspects to his book, but what struck me is the title. I never thought of “keeping my soul.” I’ve heard of the soul – that part of us that is eternal – but I never realized it needed nurturing. And yet, it makes sense. We live in a frenetic pace in America especially with the explosion of the internet. People are cobbling several jobs together to make ends meet.

Group of women in Vahun with a babyWe Must Make Time to Focus on God

This is in juxtaposition to Bible times when most people walked everywhere. There was no TV, phones, or modern conveniences. We have all of these and yet, we are more rushed perhaps than they were. Maybe life was spent more in community than it is here in our modern society. The Jewish people might have had more time to focus on God.

It’s a Matter of Priority                                    Ben Dennis African Programs

In the end, I guess it’s all a matter of priority. How important is your soul? Your relationship with Jesus? Maybe that’s the real crux of the matter.

Lord, help us do better in keeping our souls – in focusing on You. All to Your Glory.

Blessings on your journey of faith, anita

Beyond Myself Book Cover by Author Anita Katherine DennisBeyond Myself: The Farm Girl & the African Chief

I describe my journey of faith in my memoir of my love story. During the 1960s, I married my anthropology professor who was a hereditary African Chief of the Mende tribe in West Africa. This led me to visit Africa a number of times and live in his remote village for a year with our 3 boys doing lay missionary work. I certainly didn’t do things perfectly. And yet, the Lord has been so gracious in my life! I can only praise and thank Him!