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Many Copies of the Bible

“From One Christian to Another….”

Many Americans have multiple copies of the Bible in their homes or at least they used to. The Bible’s been a top best seller for so long, it’s no longer listed. Why is this book so significant? Is it just because of our Christian heritage?

The Source of Eternal Truths                            Girls bringing water

I think it’s because the Bible is the source of eternal truths. It’s a significant history book of the Jewish people, but much more than that. It gives great advice on how to live especially in Proverbs, but it holds much more than earthly wisdom. It not only provides the way to live this earthly life, but it’s the path to a glorious eternity with God. It tells truths that have lasted through time – how God made the earth, what kind of God we have, how much He loves us, how He brought about His plan of salvation for all of us. It tells us what we must do to be saved – to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and rely on Him to take away our sins. What could have more eternal significance than that?

Anita in a HammockFulfilled Prophecies

Bible means “collection of books.” It has numerous authors and was written over a span of a thousand years. The fulfilled historical predictions for different nations and the Messiah of the Jewish people are amazing. There are predictions about the fate of ancient cities and peoples – much of which has been verified by archaeology. How can we explain a specific prophecy made hundreds of years earlier about the fact that soldiers would gamble for Jesus’ clothes as He hung on the cross? Such a stated detail that came true. What are the odds of that?

The Bible is My Truth Source                                   

Is the Bible your truth-source? It is mine. There’s no more amazing book. It tells me how to live and it tells me how to die. It tells me what’s important in life and what’s not. It tells me what lasts and what doesn’t. It tells me about my marvelous Savior who humbled Himself to become human – one of us. And if that wasn’t humbling enough, He died the most shameful and painful death for us ever possible. For sinners – us – who cared little or nothing for Him. He asked His Heavenly Father to forgive those who had nailed Him there. What greater love could there ever be? I guess you could say the Bible is the greatest love story ever written.

Have you read it? It has the power to change your life – and your destiny in eternity. It’s worth taking a look at, my dear one.

Blessings on your journey of faith, anita

Beyond Myself Book Cover by Author Anita Katherine DennisBeyond Myself: The Farm Girl & the African Chief

I describe my journey of faith in my memoir of my love story. During the 1960s, I married my anthropology professor who was a hereditary African Chief of the Mende tribe in West Africa. This led me to visit Africa a number of times and live in his remote village for a year with our 3 boys doing lay missionary work. I certainly didn’t do things perfectly. And yet, the Lord has been so gracious in my life! I can only praise and thank Him!