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Adam & Eve Walked with God

“From One Christian to Another…”

Can you imagine what it must have been like to have been Adam and Eve? Living in that gorgeous Garden of Eden? Walking with the Lord Himself in the cool of the evening each day? Discovering their new world together? Enjoying the animals that had no fear of man at that time?

It Wasn’t Enough                                                   

And yet, it wasn’t enough, was it? It wasn’t enough to be the creature made by Almighty God who would have to trust Him for the Truth and obey His single command. It was too much of a burden! Satan fed into their empty pride. Wouldn’t it be great to be like God Himself? To know what He knew? The mysteries of the universe? The secrets of good and evil? To have that power? To be equals with God in a sense?

Walking the trail to SomalahunThey Fell for satan’s Trick

They fell for satan’s trick and lost even what thought wasn’t enough. And the earth has never been the same since. We shouldn’t be too harsh on them because if they hadn’t succumbed, we probably would have. Now can you imagine being banned from the Garden? By an angel with a flaming sword keeping you from returning?  Experiencing God’s displeasure?

The Consequences of Their Sin              Anita Dennis in village with woman

God mercifully announced He would send them a Savior. They didn’t know it wouldn’t be in their lifetimes. He made them leather clothing which required the death of an animal. However, He no longer walked with them in the Garden. They had to face the consequences. Adam had to work the ground now filled with weeds to produce food. Eve would bear children in pain. Can you imagine them looking longingly at what they had left? Being filled with regret? And yet, the earth wasn’t instantly filled with evil although one of their sons would murder the other.

Women in Vahun - feeding a babyThe Ramifications of Evil Remain Today…

Today we see the ramifications of evil increasing exponentially all around us. The Bible says the “creation groans waiting to be restored.” We hear of wars and rumors of wars. Throughout time, millions have died in all kinds of conflicts around the world including innocent civilians. People are starving all over the world. Selfishness rules in men’s hearts…As humans, we are still subject to pride – shaking our puny fists in the face of God, refusing to acknowledge and believe in Him.

Jesus Came to Redeem Us                                                              Ben

The Good News is Jesus did come. He redeemed all mankind, us included, if we believe in Him and trust in Him to forgive our sins. And He’s coming again….someday. That should give all of us who believe in Him great hope.

Blessings on your journey of faith, anita

Beyond Myself Book Cover by Author Anita Katherine DennisBeyond Myself: The Farm Girl & the African Chief

I describe my journey of faith in my memoir of my love story. During the 1960s, I married my anthropology professor who was a hereditary African Chief of the Mende tribe in West Africa. This led me to visit Africa a number of times and live in his remote village for a year with our 3 boys doing lay missionary work. I certainly didn’t do things perfectly. And yet, the Lord has been so gracious in my life! I can only praise and thank Him!