Anita Katherine Dennis

Beyond Myself

When Anita Katherine Dennis walked
into the anthropology class during her sophomore year at Ohio University in 1964, she was sure the class would prove interesting.
Anita narrates a love story
that developed between her and her anthropology professor, Dr. Ben Dennis, an African tribal chief. In this memoir, she shares how God sustained her during her interracial, cross-cultural marriage—especially as she played the role of chief’s wife in a remote village in Liberia, West Africa.
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Her life was full of extremes. She met the president of Liberia in the Executive Mansion—and slept in a mud hut. She visited European capitals—and lived in a remote African village. She flew on transatlantic flights—and was carried through the high forest in a chief’s hammock. Anita shares her struggles as she is accepted into the Mende tribe and lived in Vahun with an off and on kerosene fridge, swarming termites on the screens, a cyclone barely missing the house, and pungent elephant meat delivered in the middle of the night.

Beyond Myself offers an example of West meets Africa personified. Anita tells how life with Ben was more than a marriage. It was an education and adventure wrapped into one. Ben allowed Anita to escape her narrow cultural confines and embark on a journey from farm girl to global citizen, with plenty of missteps throughout.

Beyond Myself: The Farm Girl and the African Chief
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ABOUT the author
“When you tell your story, you share your heart. We all have different journeys as God fulfills His unique plan for each of us.”
Anita Katherine Dennis earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a minor in anthropology from the University of Michigan-Flint in 1973. She was accepted into her husband’s Mende tribe, lived in his village, and served as a lay missionary. Dennis co-authored Slaves to Racism: An Unbroken Chain from America to Liberia.

She is a follower of Jesus Christ in the Lutheran tradition.


Your book was outstanding. What a beautiful tender story. I cried in the end.

Marie W.

It’s an honest, enthralling true story about across-cultural and interracial love that develops in the mid-sixties and spans nearly five decades. Holly Mthethwa

Hot Chocolate in June

Everyone has a life story to tell and some are simply more unique than others.

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My husband who is not a ‘reader’ has hardly stopped reading except to sleep and eat. Kathy G.

On this snowy, cold wintery afternoon, I picked up your book and I can’t put it down. I’m loving every page. Lynn B.

Our group loved you and your story! In short, you were a hit! First Baptist Ladies Book Club

Your book is a page-turner. It’s an autobiography, a biography, a love story, a religious testimony, and it’s about Liberia. I was amazed at the details of your memories. It’s like a movie I’m watching. Fred van der Kraaij

Liberia Past & Present, Twitter

I love your prose. It is only you that would narrate the intricacies of Gbandi and Mende life and culture in such a fascinating way. Losay Lalugba

son of the late Chief Lalugba of Vahun, Liberia

I cannot put your book down. Bonnie B.

Little did Anita know how much her life would change, and the exotic places it would take her, the challenges she would face, and the love she would encounter and hold dear… Kelly Greenfield

Ft. Myers Villas Newsletter

Anita’s unique love story and journey of faith.

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Their life was no fairy tale, but it became a great witness for Christ. It’s one woman’s story of courage and faith to follow God’s marvelous –and sometimes frightening – calling.

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The Baptist Standard

They shared their lives with each other in ways most people can’t or maybe won’t, living their dreams along the way, used by God to touch thousands of others . . . Rev. Robert Roegner

They walked through a hilltop cemetery. She made him an Easter basket. He gave her a copy of ‘The Prophet.’ They kissed. They fell in love.

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Relationship Unfettered by Racial Hurdles, Ft. Myers News-Press, 2015

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“One of the reasons I wrote my book
was to testify to what God had done in my life,” Anita said. “I think that reflecting on the past helps you see how God was with you.

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